Quality BMW Transmission Repairs

The transmission may be the most complicated piece of machinery in your BMW. It is also the most fascinating and intricate. The transmission handles a myriad of stresses & strains and can develop issues over time. We know transmissions. If your transmission isn’t shifting or engaging properly or if it’s is due for a service or fluid change, bring it to the transmission repair specialists at European House For Imports. With over 25 years of experience, we perform reliable transmission repairs at an affordable price while providing exemplary customer service.

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Transmission repairs from highly experienced technicians

Our technicians are experience in repairing and replacing transmissions in all BMW vehicles. We can accurately and efficiently diagnose and perform your transmission repair without the guesswork you might get elsewhere.

Thorough Transmission Inspections

We perform a complete inspection on every transmission concern including a visual and mechanical inspection, a road test and a computerized scan to check for fault codes. We will identify the exact cause of your transmission concern and relay that information to you. Whether you need just a transmission service or a complete overhaul or rebuild, you can trust that you will receive an honest explanation of the repairs that may be required.

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